What is new in WordPress 6.0?

What is new in WordPress 6.0?

New updates in WordPress vi.0

Users World Health Organization upgrade to WordPress vi.0 will expect changes. enhancements ar largely to however they move with making pages on their websites.

With new practicality including:

– Now able to choose text across blocks, and edit them quickly.
– New keyboard shortcuts like: [[ which is able to open the link menu.
– New style tools like new color panel, border controls, and more.
– Users will currently lock a block, to assist forestall accidental movement or removal of a block, once it’s bolted.
– Blocks can retain designs once dynamic block sort.
– Block themes will currently embrace multiple vogue variations, creating it straightforward to alter multiple settings like color, font, and different choices on the fly.

Five new example choices for author, date, categories, tag, and taxonomy.
Increased visibility of patterns menu.
Aside from UI updates to website writing, there have been additionally varied enhancements created by 2 necessary groups.

Other updates in WordPress 6.0
The WordPress Accessibility team printed dozens of enhancements toward accessibility that created it into WordPress vi.0.

The WordPress Performance team additionally enclosed varied enhancements to assist improve the performance of WordPress websites with over 10,000 users, improve the handling of multiple information taxonomies among WordPress, additionally as add new additions to the WordPress caching API.


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There is additionally a protracted tail of bug fixes (131), enhancements and have requests (97), and different bugs finally closed with the discharge of WordPress vi.0. If you’re a developer, or simply get pleasure from reading the heart and soul details, then you’ll be able to investigate the WordPress vi.0 unharness guidebook for additional data.

Should I update to WordPress vi.0?
So, with all of those nice options and enhancements must you update your website to six right away?

There is no reason to rush feature updates on your websites. in contrast to security releases, feature-related updates are often managed at your leisure.

Set aside the time in your schedule to check the sites you’re upgrading. And take it slow to check things out. Remember, backup your site’s files and therefore the information before you update additionally, simply just in case you wish to revert the changes.

Of course, if there are any new known security bugs in WordPress core and a security unharness is created public., then you ought to be attending to quickly get your sites updated. maybe then would be a decent time to maneuver up from 5.9 to the 6.0 branch.


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Just do not forget to copy your site’s files and databases before acting that update, simply just in case.

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