How to edit files without ftp in WordPress

, How to edit files without ftp in WordPress, WP Devs

How to edit files without FTP in WordPress Today’s block is only for those users who are not very technical who do not know how to use FTP and cPanel

By the way, there are a lot of plugins in WordPress, you can easily edit files by installing it, but there is also some of its disadvantage such as you do the same file manager install, to edit the file admin se, then the JS and CSS file is also installed with it which can reduce the loading speed of the site and increase the loading time of your side, so If you have to make small changes, you can edit the file from the backend of WordPress.

Simple for that you have to login to the admin of WordPress and you will see the menu on the left side of the main menu, inside the appearance you will see the theme editor Simple You have to click on the theme editor then you will get to see some such interface

After that you have to click on the dropdown of Select Theme to Edit and select your team from there (if you use child theme is even better) after selecting it, the listings of all the files of your team will appear on the right side whose interface will be something like this. Edit and appear in your left-side editor, where you have to change yours and click on the button of the simple update file and you will change |

, How to edit files without ftp in WordPress, WP Devs

Make sure to back up the file before editing the file from the site in the WordPress site|

Nowadays, multi-sure plugins are available to back up the site, you install it and whenever you have to make a lot of changes, create a backup up so that if there is a mistake, you can restore the backup back.

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